ADRAIL is the consortium currently constructing the $1.3 billion Alice Springs to Darwin railway.
Locomotive sanding shed control system.    

IES was contracted to design and install the control system for the Adrail locomotive sanding shed.

The system involves 2 sand storage tanks, level control and dust collection.

Sand is delivered by pneumatic road tanker and blown into the storage tanks.
Level control sensors control the loading and provide level indication.



Discharge is by gravity to the sand storage compartments on the locomotive.

The sand is discharged by the loco for additional traction when accelerating or climbing.

Locomotive Turntable    

IES was contracted to assist with the installation and commissioning of the locomotive turntable.

The structure was constructed in Perth and trucked to Darwin.

It has a capacity of 150 ton and will be commissioned with a 138 ton locomotive.


Locating Pin


Locomotive Turning Table
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   Demag Hoist and Crane Construction.    

These photos are associated with a 3.2ton underslung gantry crane we recently constructed for Pilkington Glass.

Runway beams were attached to the roof trusses and the gantry beam design incorporated a canterlever to maximise span and lifting height.


This crane utillses quality Demag components. All functions are 2 speed.

Demag Hoist under construction
  FCPB Watermaker    

IES was contracted through Regional & Northern Maintenance Services to perform the electrical installation of new reverse osmosis watermakers to the RAN fleet of Fremantle Class Patrol Boats.

This involved several visits to Cairns to complete work on the vessel based patrolling the Torres Strait region.

Reverse Osmosis watermaker.

A client of IES was contracted to supply a large quantity of polished concrete panels for a building project in Darwin.

IES installed a heavy duty Insul 8 mobile electrification system that ran faultlessly for the duration of the work.

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